Country Preferences
You’ve had your third glass of champagne and you’re feeling as effervescent as the bubbles from your last sip. You’re ready… You feel an intoxicating confidence that submerges you as you hear the knock on the door. You’re ready…
You unlock the door, grab your lover by the tie and pull them closely against you. Strutting into the bedroom, leading the way then pushing your lover down with force.
The authority had been yours until now, but you crave to trade places. You reach down under the bed to grip the pinnacle of this heated encounter. The glossy black cuffs attached to the sleek rose gold bar immediately sparks a sinful scheme in both minds.
This time you know you’ll be wider than ever as you stand on display, bending right over to buckle in to each patent ankle cuff. You look back and lock eyes with your lover as you tighten the sleek bar at the join. A soft push is all it takes to have you draped on the plush white sheets. You’re being bound, both ankles grasped by leather as the lavish rose gold bar widens your legs to their wildest capacity. 
You whisper…“ The power is yours, Honey “